Recent News

Dr Christine Gobius, National Director of Interserve Australia:

“I invited Patrick to facilitate a workshop at our first leadership team retreat. It was a humbling, growing and joyful experience. As a team we are grateful for the foundation this has given us to build on, and a shared language that we can use as our working relationship continues to develop …”


Patrick has conducted many zoom presentations this year, including “So What’s It Been All For?” (March/April), which was an exploration of the Apostles’ Creed from the vantage point of the soul. Rather than a dogmatic or doctrinal approach, we asked how what is said in the Creed is a description of what it means to participate in the human journey when we follow through with the demands and blessings of love.

There have been two Zoom dream groups operating this year, on a Wednesday and Thursday. It is gratifying to have people from all over Australia and beyond participating in these groups!

Another zoom presentation was “Drawing Water From the Well” series, which sprang out of the March/April series of “So What’s It Been All For?” This was in June/July, and will continue indefinitely from September 22. The aim of these zoom mornings is to provide a forum where people can share on a soul level rather than talking conceptually or doctrinally.

Patrick continues to travel to Toowoomba every 4-6 weeks, for individual sessions of spiritual direction.

He conducted a Pastoral Care Day in Toowoomba on Wednesday 8th June, on the topic “Continuing to Choose From the Land of Hope”.

Patrick was invited to present a weekend retreat for the parishioners of St Mary’s Anglican church at Maitland, NSW, on 15th-17th July.

Clairveaux-MacKillop College held a retreat with Patrick for staff at Santa Teresa, Ormiston on the weekend of 12th-13th August.

Mercy Community also held a three-day retreat at Santa Teresa in August, and asked Patrick to lead them through reflections upon the Sermon on the Mount.

The Toowoomba Uniting Church hosted an Enneagram Day on Saturday 20th August. Twenty people attended, and there will be a follow-up day on 1st October.

He presented a three-week series of Quiet Afternoons at Kenmore Anglican Church during May/June, adapting the material presented in the “So What’s It Been All For?” zoom series.