by Brother Tom O’Dempsey

The use of a Religious Brother’s prayer-poems for daily reflection

An exercise in living the Paschal Mystery through contemplation

The focus is on “Paschal living – Our Ascension to God in Christ … Humanity uplifted to the Divine”

I have given over this space on my website to allow the publication of poetry by Brother Tom O’Dempsey, who is now in his seventies. This poetry is deeply prayerful, and springs from his many years as a Secondary teacher, as a full-time teacher in prisons, and as a contemplative. His background is Catholic, and his poetry reflects this. Yet the poetry is deeply ecumenical and Gospel-based.

The number of these PDFs will grow as the months go by, for Brother Tom has been prolific in his writings. He offers them as a gift to anyone who wishes to imbibe their spirit of prayerfulness and joyful openness to Jesus Christ.

Feel free to copy any of these poems for personal or group use, but not for publication.

Brother Tom says:

“Heartfelt thanks to Mr Patrick Oliver, my spiritual director since 2002, on whose website all my poetry is generously on offer.

Heartfelt thanks also too Br Kev McDade CFC, my friend since 1967, who has so very selflessly typed my poetry (1300 poems to 2018!).”

Br Tom O’Dempsey, now in his 70’s, has been a member of a Catholic religious Order for fifty years plus, in Queensland, Australia. His life has been divided into three key ministries:

Firstly, his calling as a Secondary Teacher of religion and humanities subjects, for sixteen years.

Secondly, his calling to a full-time teaching prison ministry, with courses on self-knowledge, personal relationships, anger management, and drug and alcohol education. This was also for sixteen years.

Thirdly, a perhaps deeper call to a contemplative prayer ministry (seventeen years) – hopefully as A Praying Heart For Others, sans frontiers.

The enduring focus of these prayer-poems is the Paschal Mystery, with a particular emphasis on Abba’s Embrace of the Ascended Jesus – and thus, of us. This Embrace is the focus of all our prayer, of our being en-Spirited for Mission, and of communing in the intimacy of the Fellowship within the Trinity.

These poems are arranged chronologically: 1960 … 2016.

apart from the first poem, No. 888 – “Faith: Our Journey into Now” (2008).

This poem is a sample poem from a folio of a later period.

Poem 888

Faith: Our Journey Into Now 1

Faith is co-journeying with Jesus,

Living his life, heartbeat by heartbeat,

As He lived it:

… a life, devotedly focussed, decision by decision,

On the Pass-over to His beloved Abba!

… Living His life, breath by breath, with him –

Not just by way of modelling it, repeating it,

But, with grace, by way of discovering and exploring it …

Lovingly, as He did.

In doing so, we claim His human identity,

And crucially, His Eucharistic destiny –

As Abba gave it to Him,

And as he chose to own it!

In truth, our faith-life is not our own, but his!

His Paschal consciousness is ours!

Thus, as the Creative Spirit enfleshes Jesus’ Divinity

Within our struggling humanity …

In faith, we too are incorporated

Into the Divinely-Human wonder

Of Jesus Risen!

Our faith has us journey

Through Jesus’ very own  growth and development –

Ever growing in His single-hearted affection for Abba!

Ever maturing in the wisdom of sacrificial loving!

Our faith has us enter Gethsemane’s  garden of crisis –

Living out his heart’s radical trusting

… Reversing, bit by bit, humanity’s betrayal

In Paradise’s garden , and in the unfolding human story.

Our faith has

–         Our hands riveted  to his cross by our sins

–         Our lips, hoarsely entrusting our life into Abba’s  care

–         Our heart, slashed open and emptied of self,

… yet being opened  to the Spirit’s entry!

Our faith has our spirits behold Abba’s Easter glory

Lighting our being from within:

… Divine joy, sun shining, within us!

… Divine life, thrilling, radiating, our humanity!

Our faith has us swept up into the arms of Love!

Into the ecstasy of the Prodigal’s return!

Into the Enrapture of Divine Fellowship

–         Into the Father’s most tender Embrace

–         Into the Spirit-who-is-Peace

Breathing through our being!

Our faith has us – having breathed in this Spirit –

Now breathing this Spirit forth into others,

Who co-indwell us, in Christ,

–         together, being swept up

Into the fellowship of Love,

As Abba, Jesus and Loyce 2

Live their Life within us

Filling us with Their Joy!

Yet, this is not our journey’s end

But its Eternal now

… For all things are ever new in Christ

–         In Christ, who is our journey, into now!


  1. Marian Valley Retreat (May), Eastertide 2008, Day 1
  2. My familiar name for the Spirit who is, at once, Love and Joy and Peace


Poems are written in chronological order.   P.1 = Poem 1.

From 1959 onwards …

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