Gatherings and Reflection Days

Through the years, Patrick has facilitated many kinds of retreats and gatherings that focus around spirituality topics.

Some of these have been:

Personal retreats for individuals

Scripture sharing groups

Retreats and reflection days for ministers of many Christian denominations, and lay leaders and parishes

Advent and Lent Retreats for parishes and prayer groups

Retreats and reflection days for pastoral carers and chaplains

Training for Spiritual Direction Formation programmes

Presentations for spiritual directors in Australia and New Zealand

Presentations on working with our dreams

Practical and prayerful introduction to the enneagram

Numerous zoom series on topics such as

  • “Beholding Your Soul Again”
  • “’What’s It Been All For?’ A Soul Approach to the Apostles’ Creed”
  • Mercy, Forgiveness and the Shadow
  • “Living From Within the Land of Hope”
  • “A Soul Approach to Scripture”
  • “Revisiting the Book of Revelation”
  • “A Prayerful Approach to the Enneagram”
  • “A Prayerful Approach to Dreams”

Presentations that have revisited the meanings of faith, seasons of the soul, spiritual experience and discernment

Musings on life after death, from the vantage point of the soul