Authentic Spirituality

(from “Getting Out of the Way”, 2002)

Spirituality is never an end in itself, but is always for the sake of greater compassion,

trust and justice.

It is not outcome-driven, but is a matter of grace.

Any spiritual path that does not lead to surrender into the life-death-life pattern is not authentic spirituality.

Spirituality is not an escape from the world but a plunging into Mystery.

It is not to isolate ourselves from this world, but to allow us to enter fully into its joy and suffering.

We are to remain deeply connected and deeply detached at the same time.  

There is no distinction between “sacred” and “secular”.

In our deepest core, we are distinct from but never separate from others, creation and God.  

There is always choice.  

What you do to others you have done to yourself.

If you think you have got it together, then you are a danger to yourself and others.  

We are all amalgams of darkness and light, and will be throughout life.  

“Saying prayers” gives way to life as Prayer.  

Refuse to hate, but let the awareness of the other’s trappedness transform you.  

Language of authentic spirituality does not contain the words “He’s only …” or “she’s just …”.  

 Authentic spirituality leads away from blame and accusation, and into deeper listening to God. 

A spirituality that does not lead into humbling and transforming encounter with an Absolute is no spirituality.

If there is no Absolute, we inflict ourselves with the burden of making ourselves the absolute reference point for everything. 

It’s never too late.